Volvo Start Stop

Stop/Start Memory Or Off

After upgrading the Stop/Start memory function, the vehicle will remember the switch status of the Stop/Start system. 

Volvo Sensus Navigation

If your Volvo car is not equipped with Sensus Navigation, you can choose to go to the dealer to activate Sensus Navigation, or you can contact us to activate it for you. If you go to the dealer to activate Sensus Navigation

Carplay and Androidauto

Volvo SPA platform vehicles are all equipped with Carplay and AndroidAuto hardware. However, when some vehicles leave the factory, the software of Carplay or AndroidAuto is turned off. You can contact us to open the software of Carplay and androidauto for you. So you can use these two functions on your vehicle.

Road Sign Information

The Road sign information system recognizes the Road signs on both sides of the road through the multi-function camera installed on the windshield, and displays these signs on the instrument panel. In addition to image detection through the multi-function camera, the system will also verify it through the map data of the navigation system.

Cancel Max Vehicle Speed Limitation

On May 20, 2020, Volvo officially announced that the maximum speed limit of all models will be 180km / h. we can help you remove the maximum speed limit.

Video In Motion

By changing the configuration parameters of the vehicle, Volvo’s vehicle can also play videos when driving